Personal Tradition & Reflection

The Frate Indovino Italian calendar/almanac, now my annual tradition, brings me back to a warm, welcoming kitchen of an elder who genuinely felt, cared and tried to express those sentiments with as candid a look and word as he was able to summon at the time. Often, these emotive depths are transmittable to those who have experienced them, often regardless of age. But with time, it is the Love, compassion desire to discover, understand and share in the lives of others that brings Light. Try more silence, introspection, listening to thought in tune with heartstrings, and allow the rise of consequential actions however small they may seem.

Today’s “paisana” reflection on the Frate Indovino Italian calendar/ almanac feels as though it may be a deep dive of reflection for those in Davos, DC or on TV…(photo credit:
Loosely translated, “Chatter, blather, flim-flam, gossip don’t make flour.”

By jjillgallery

Quietly seeking to meet Trust wherever Life leads, I understand service as key to gratitude and balance. Freshwater woodlands evoke the most serenity in me wherever they're found. I've shared space & time on terrain of my Ligurian and Oscan ancestors, feeling their souls guiding me, especially in silent contemplation. Today, after over thirty years of engagement in programs for children, secondary, university and adult learning, the gifts life brings on Long Island's Matinecock-Algonquin earth, I try to give & receive with grace.

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