Rosary of Imprisonment

“From the shadow you rise and in the shadow you set, my poor day:

your sadness takes me with frozen hands to dawn

and kills me each evening.

You die and return, always the same:

you have no past, you have no future…”

Oliveri, M. (1946). Rosary of Imprisonment. Agate Edizioni.

Mario Oliveri was a teacher, writer, poet, artist and one of over 600,000 Italian troops captured and interned after the Cassibile Armistice announced on September 8, 1943, interned and designated as “Italian Military Internees” thereby removing any protections provided to them through the 1929 Geneva Convention protections for Prisoners of War. Through his chapbook of poetry given to me by my cousin who also was an IMI and likely in the same labor camp for a time, I discovered this historical fact and the surprising silence that surrounds their resistance.


Inner City Development

Community Center, San Antonio, TX

A nonprofit, community-based organization that responds to emergency, educational, and recreational needs of the neighborhood on the near Westside of San Antonio in the vicinity of the Alazan-Apache Public Housing Project.  It has been operating in this area, the economically
poorest area of Bexar County, since 1968. The mission of the organization is to lift the dignity of the individual. This is done by providing critical, supportive, basic life services and inspiring persons to participate in the betterment of their neighborhood through volunteerism. With the
exception of one part-time administrative assistant, the organization is run by an all-volunteer staff and administration.

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Rosary of Imprisonment

Italian Military Internees

(Rosario di Prigionia:  Internati Militari Italiani)​

  • historical information
  • personal story
  • the poetry connection

Alveare Cinema

An Intercultural Catalyst for Creativity, Artistry, and Community-Building​

Frammenti: student-created, conceived realities of today’s society through the lens of contemporary Roman society

Il Sole Dentro (2012): two intertwined plots reveal true stories of poverty, marginalization, friendship, courage to act, and hope despite exploitation of an indifferent world, even unto death.

The Fourth String: climate awareness film scheduled for a future date.

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Guido Dettoni della Grazia

“There is something sacred to the ordinary flow of human life, much like the motion of all life forms, interconnected energy, unable to fully be explained or rationalized. Our experiences in life create reflection points which are often unremarkable  but with the passing of time, begin to reveal messages, purpose, connection, and direction.”

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