Freedom or free-for-all?

12/11/22 – These days have see-sawed between pleasantly warm and bone-chilling cold with enough humidity to make the back-and-forth sway dizzying for sensitive souls.

Since mid-November, I’ve noticed small flocks of Starlings, diving onto backyard feeders with no regard for any other birds already present. Their scruffy appearance defines as “non-breeding, immature adults” by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology–a consideration to apply to behaviors in the human species as well. Some characteristic behaviors of this particular breed give me pause for thought, especially with what we’ve witnessed since COVID descended into our lives globally at the end of the 2010 decade.

Unlike pairings of, let’s say, a savory Gorgonzola with Bosc pears, seemingly random individuals massed together bound by thoughts, (whether their own or of others), attitudes and actions. These all bubbled in full brew during in the middle of that decade. And now from the beginnings of the 2020 decade, some consequences mount to manifest.

Are there truths to the way life dips, dives, and rises, like the nature of these Starlings catapulting themselves on suet feeders without regard just to be first in line? Of course! Yet, for a good part of the human species, maintaining a thoughtful mindset, listening to one’s inner self, finding time for quiet can bring direction…and certainly more serenity. Set aside time for silence, to hear yourself think and feel. No one knows better than you what you truly want to fulfill your soul in life!

By jjillgallery

Quietly seeking to meet Trust wherever Life leads, I understand service as key to gratitude and balance. Freshwater woodlands evoke the most serenity in me wherever they're found. I've shared space & time on terrain of my Ligurian and Oscan ancestors, feeling their souls guiding me, especially in silent contemplation. Today, after over thirty years of engagement in programs for children, secondary, university and adult learning, the gifts life brings on Long Island's Matinecock-Algonquin earth, I try to give & receive with grace.

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