Whispers of Wisdom

26 May 2023

In silence, I listened.

To the wind. To foreign words, in sound and song.

To those strangers who didn’t care.

To friends who still don’t call me correctly by name.

To the aging smiles of a married couple dining on meatball heroes.

To confessions and emotions of the cherished, in pain through their grief.

I traveled anyway, alone to this harbor. Not knowing why.

I prayed in breaths.

I thought of Rumi, wisdom whispered in words.

I turned to one, then another, and another, and…only to find myself – sore and lost.

I limped up hills and through holes, in solitary, as life persevered.

In silence, I surrendered to trust, this time, not knowing what else to do.

And after the uneasy night, life transfigured into a birth of discovery

that only listening and seeking can grant,

mirrored by a melding fusion of words rising with a dawning sun.


What Time Knows

20 May 2023

Today’s low pressure system circles the Island spilling storm waters in torrents through neighborhood streets.

I watch the mourning dove from my window below. She sits unsteady with stoicism in the fork of a branch on her haphazard nest of twigs and twine, weak and waiting.

Conversation tonight with a friend who lifted me through darkness, then, reveals her confusion, her expectation of death nearing each day.

I can only listen, with gratitude for then–present at every breath…and I must in silence let my heart only answer.

This spring’s pallid purple clematis climbs and stretches bold with size and largess, to confront the impossible

despite the awareness that surrounds, even the flowers know enough is enough…


Hidden Heart

7 May 2023

An aching body at 4:00, trying to recover from penetrating days of work: cold, damp, indecisive.

So much needs to still be done.

A random bouquet from Monday, gesturing a gift from warm wishes: allergies, uncontrollable, debilitating.

So little it takes to give a smile.

A seven-day passing, blooms fresh and alive, most feeling their distinction: absorbed, basking, exaltation.

So rarely are reasons refined.

You whisper through a small glass of Dolcetto from your hills, Le Langhe, as I drift in this silence.

So prescient confide cues undetected, unseen…time and again.


“The Hills Are Alive”


Many years ago when I was just a child, my godmother and aunt, treated me to a Broadway show – Mary Martin in the Sound of Music. I’ll never forget the Playlist, songs, inspiration, and captive imagination that sparkled my awe, just waiting to explore and absorb the evolution of that story.

I can’t sing well, but doing so evokes very deep feelings of joy as well as sadness. Discussing spirituality, our roles in life, our directions, witnessing Love, art, music, compassion, relating to all that surrounds, gives me a sense of joy and belonging that many, today, just seem too busy to “pay attention” and absorb in their daily lives.

Today, I was honored to be in the company of three incredibly exemplary women, engaged in discussions about Life, Creation, and our roles in bridging an old world, and the new one emerging.

On the drive home and after hours of discussion, I neared home and turned onto the familiar street, catching sight of an incredible sky — that yes, spoke through its unusual pattern of clouds that seemed as Hills in the Sky. I had to stop the car at the side of the road to take a camera shot before these wisps dissipated into their azure past.

Then, for the first time ever in this place, after arriving home, I caught sight of a pair of Rose Breasted Evening Grosbeaks in our backyard. The bright red coloring of the male against his stark white and black body lured my unsuspecting attention. Later, I saw what seemed to be a brown finch, however, after some research, it probably was a female brown Evening Grosbeak. Again, something I have never witnessed in my over 20 years on this Island. The Message? – Pay attention to details and the messages they seek to convey and transmit to your heart & soul. Find the connections all around us.


Nature’s Search for Equity

April 15, 2023

Learn to be silent and recognize yourself as a humble part of Nature & you may be given gifts. Today through an unseasonable spring, and after a dry but safe winter, struggling white blossoms strain their petals to appear on cherry and Goji bushes. Though not as many as in years past.

Alone? Mastermind? Or are we an integral part of this intricately woven Pattern of Life?

Feel the gift and strength of being part, however small yet essential, of such a glorious Plan and relinquish the fantasy of control to mutual respect, care, stewardship, awe & admiration for all creation connected to you.


Darkness & Dawn

The past two days of this 2023 Triduum has been shrouded in late afternoon cloud cover that stares back at Earth and almost speaks.

When we eliminate the noise of the usual routines and choose to observe, think, ponder and pray in silence with nothing but the sounds of Nature, messages emerge from all that surrounds us. And there is nothing blocking that communicative process – no distractions, no divided attention, no interference.

This late afternoon Good Friday sky hides a far-away sun with darkening clouds, barely visible as night nears.

While today’s Holy Saturday sun radiates brighter and more hopeful, still with dark streaks menacing the cloud cover as sunset approaches. Both photos were taken about two hours before actual sunset. Both speak of these days of uncertainty and encourage us to believe in something more than what we can see — but what we feel in our hearts & souls.


Chills & Frills

A warm Saturday yesterday filled with showers and threatening winds coasted in Sunday’s 43 degree cold gusts and dazzling sunshine. The low temperatures will register in the high 20s, chilling the blooms that smile and struggle to absorb the sun’s warm guarantees.

Despite cracking bones and arthritic knees unhappy in such temperatures, I survey the garden emerging from its winter lethargy with chores to be done. And in this biting, unrelenting winter mirage of spring, a double curly daffodil whispers its greetings.


Another Poor Excuse

26 March 2023

This afternoon was a marvelous spring day with a few soft clouds in the sky. A slight breeze whispered by every now and then, but my warm, lined jacket proved just enough to resist any chill. Possibly, this time, Nature was kind or my extreme caution outsmarted Her limits of today’s walk in sunshine.

As I walked the neighborhood to complete almost 2 miles, I arrived at a usual corner and spotted the pre-flowering firethorn bush with something inside. Noticing the napkin-wrapped soda can jammed between branches, I imagined the cavalier culprit whose disregard showed a level of mindless action. Across the street, of course, is a park with a few metal bins to dispose of trash. But then, one would have to walk across the street! These moves take place every day by those lost and impulsive who have yet to see and understand.

And I was reminded by a friend, that many of the community parks have their trash bins removed which further complicates the issue – there are enough excuses and blame to easily cover government and its citizenry!


Asphodel Exposed

They bloom together, united in strength to herald the spring, without fear. For several weeks, they have been inching their way through tired soil and remnants of winter’s follies.

Announcements of spring rise from their emboldened trumpets, yet their lifeline warns other flora and fauna to distance, for their energy near promises deception, as fatal as narcissus in our midst.


Bides of March

It’s the penultimate Thursday in this March. The temperature will drop before sunset. Yet, the sun, we believe, still peeks behind unsettled patchworks of gray sky shadows. My chilled bones stubborn, refuse to warm.

I’ve sprinkled some sunflower seeds on the flat rock settled in the front flower bed close to the feeder for the forgotten finches and sparrows—just to will goodness by actualizing one, small, constructive act.

I’m rewarded by a tiny, tawny and tortilla hued house sparrow who visits, tilting her head, wondering. With apparent kindness, she appreciates this human attention. We are mutually aware.

She rests in my gaze and I in hers. My smile broadens and her stillness fills the unpredictable March air.

This moment of peace transcends the familiar calls for more weapons, more destruction, more killing and desecration of any standing blade of grass.

TV networks, unorthodox or traditional, clash among themselves with their repetitive stories, words, imagery to target viewership numbers and profit margins, excite, incite or desensitize.

Audiences gather, as in times of Caesar, for their daily dose of panem et circensem while neighbors and strangers alike struggle to survive in an ominous web of uncertainty, alienation, and an apparent implant of the business-as-usual mantra, despite everything contrary.

        Camps of the illegally blind have been forged, caught between lost myopic visions from East to West, wrapping themselves in feigned valor, warped, clinging unsteady, by stars and stripes.

My breath returns to the dusk air, in little puffs of white steam as the sparrow turns, her beak clinging to a sunflower seed in her blessed flight, as a glow of warmth grows through my bones.