About Us

We are living in extraordinary times, a world of light and dark with a veil of chiaroscuro in-between. But as Italian intellectual Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) wrote, The old world is dying and the new world is struggling to be born. And in this chiaroscuro, monsters are born. So, amid this scenario that seems to disintegrate a little day by day, what can we really do?

One solution may be to limit the powers of the cultural hegemony that permeate our lives with their influences and become more mindful, selective in our daily lives. Just as we need good nourishment for our bodies to be healthy, we need the same for our minds, hearts, and spirits. We seek to create purpose, meaning, connection in our lives in a variety of forms. This website may offer the inspiration for you to take a moment and browse the valuable projects offering creativity and involvement.

Dr. Carl Safina from SUNY Stony Brook and The Safina Center advises:
1) Do something. Can’t do everything; just do something.
2) Think about: What I’ll eat, Whom I’ll vote for, What I’ll buy/invest in, What I’ll drive, Groups I’ll join, What I’ll throw away, What I’ll do for a living, How many kids I’ll have, Who I’ll decide to be!

The jjill gallery website offers a moment of respite, without ulterior motives. Thoughts, reflections, introspection through concrete words, visuals, projects filter the pages through the lens of caring, service, and magnanimity. As a lifelong learner in the educational field, I’ve tried to focus on positive, pro-active experiences and actions, however small, that can be done to make a difference. Take time to learn the many ways, opportunities to reach out, learn, get involved.

You just might find something to do!